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Friendsville Cemetery, located on Friendsville Road just south of 224, is owned and operated by the Westfield township trustees since 1898. The cemetery is active and open for lot sales and interments. Click here for Lot pricing and cemetery rules. These documents are also posted at the Information Board at the cemetery.

The cemetery currently has three sections. The lower section (at the entrance) is open and active for lot sales and burials, the upper (or middle) section is our oldest burials which is closed for interments and is actively being preserved, and one additional acre is at the rear of the property for future development. Friendsville Cemetery

Township Cemetery Directory

A complete directory is now available in book or CD form to review or purchase. Thanks to the extensive research of Mike McCann, local historian and active member of Medina County Cemetery Preservation Society. We now have a complete history of all cemeteries within Westfield Township. Friendsville Cemetery open for internment and maintained by Westfield Township, the New Leroy Cemetery open for internment and maintained by the Village of Westfield Center and inactive Old Leroy Cemetery. Two abandoned family cemeteries Wolcott and Chamberlain are also referenced.

Contact medinacountygraves@yahoo.com to purchase.

2010 Cemetery Improvements

Brian Robbins from Boy Scout Troup 454 has taken on the project of installing a 25 foot flag pole and brick base area for his Eagle Scout community project challenge. Brian arranged for all funding, donations and workers to complete this project.

At the December 6th Trustees meeting Brian handed over the key to the flag poles internal lanyard and was presented an American Flag by Trustee Jim Likley. Brian will raise the first flag on the flag pole that he made possible through this project. Brian’s commitment to this project is a fitting tribute to the veterans interned at Friendsville Cemetery dating back to the Revolutionary War. Our thanks to Brian Robbins, those who donated and the volunteers for this beautiful flag pole.

The hillside leading up to the old section of the cemetery was cleared of brush, re-graded and seeded. These efforts will improve our cemetery appearance and ease maintenance.


The Friendsville cemetery is owned and operated by Westfield Township Board of Trustees. Situated on the east side of Friendsville Rd. just south of U.S. 224, is one of Medina County's older cemeteries. Starting with Fanny Beach who died September 10, 1821. This historic burial ground is the final resting place to more then 600 people and continues to serve the township of Westfield to this day. The older section (on the hill) and the newer section (down front) comprise over 2 1/2 acres, with another acre yet to be developed, behind the old section. Veterans of many wars are represented including three (3) Revolutionary War veterans, seven (7) from the War of 1812, seven (7) from the Civil War, and many more from World Wars 1 and 2, as well as the Korean and Vietnam wars.

Laid to rest here are James Chapman and Warren Brainard, who were the first two to view this new land known as `Westfield' back in 1816; along with Eber Mallory who, in 1817, was one of the first two actual settlers. In fact it was Friendsville, then known as Winston's Corners, that was the first 'town' in Westfield Township and where many of its earliest settlers are buried.

By Mike McCann of the Medina County Preservation Society