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Updated 09/21/2021

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Public Education

  • Beginning in April Westfield Fire and Rescue Department will offer Friends and Family Level of CPR classes to the public at no charge. These classes will be held on the first Monday of month beginning at 6:00 p.m., and will last about one hour. Classes size will be limited to 12.
    Anyone interested can call the station at 330-887-5541 to reserve a spot.

  • BLS and Heart Saver Level of CPR Classes to individuals needing or wanting to be certified for professional purposes are offered by appointment only. Fee of $35.00 is charged to cover cert.card, books and instruction. The class will last about 4 hours. Call 330-887-5541 to make arrangements for date and time.

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Protecting the Groundwater

Underlying parts of southern Westfield Township is an aquifer that stretches from Lodi Village to Chippewa Township in Wayne County. The aquifer is essentially a buried valley of sand and gravel surrounded by strata of bedrock. There are a number of public water systems already tapped into this valuable natural resource which draw down over a million gallons of water from the aquifer every day... Read More

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Revised Flood Damage Reduction Regulations

On August 6, 2007, The Medina County Commissioners adopted revised County Flood Damage Reduction Regulations. These regulations have been upgraded to help protect FEMA-designated floodplain areas and to further reduce potential damages from flooding... Read More

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Medina County Southern Water System Development Update

The Medina County Sanitary Engineers Office has completed the design of a new water treatment plant to serve existing and potential customers in Southern Medina County. The new plant will combine existing waterlines in the County's Westfield Village and Chippewa Lake water systems to create the greater Southern Medina County Water System..... Read More
Revised Article:09-14-2007 Article By: Jim Troike, Medina County Sanitary Engineer

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Veterans Service Bonus

Ohio voters overwhelmingly approved providing a modest payment to the men and women who served our country during the Iraq, Afghanistan and Persion Gulf wars. This Veterans Service Bonus is now open for application. This bonus pays $100 per month to any member of the military who served in the Persion Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan wars, up to a maximum of $1000. Service members who served in other parts of the world during these wars are eligible for $50 per month of service, up to $500 total. The families of service members who gave their lives in these wars can receive $5000. For more information, visit www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov.

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