Westfield Township
6699 Buffham Road, Seville, Ohio 44273
Phone: (330) 887-5562 • Fax: (330) 887-5207
Office Hours: Mon-Thur, 8:30am - 12:30pm

Updated 09/21/2021

Seville and Westfield intersection signage


Roads Department is headed by Trustee Craig Horner with Lee Evans as road/maintenance supervisor. Lee has been employed by the township since 2000 and his commitment to maintain the 22 ½ miles of township roads is apparent. Snow plowing/salting, surface maintenance, culverts, ditch enclosures and mowing; Lee has received numerous accolades from our residents on a job well done.

Westfield Service Department Vehicles

Please contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or comments by calling Township Municipal Complex 330-887-5562, Road Supervisor Lee Evans 330-350-1375, Trustee Mike Schmidt 330-461-2130 or Email info@westfieldtownship.org.

Mail Box policy

  1. Westfield Township will not assume the responsibility for mailbox damage from snow during snow removal.
  2. Damages caused during road conditioning or reconstruction will be negotiated on an individual basis with the property owner.
  3. Damage caused by contracted services will be the responsibility of the hired company.

If an emergency or safety concern such as a down power lines or tree debris in the road call Medina County Sheriff’s Office and they will dispatch the necessary safety crews.


Current road maintenance projects will be posted here