roads department

Westfield Township Roads

Westfield Trustee Craig Horner serves as the liaison to the Roads Department, with Lee Evans as the township’s Road Maintenance Supervisor.

With 22 ½ miles of township roads to maintain, the Road Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for snow plowing/salting, surface maintenance, culverts, ditch enclosures and mowing.

The Westfield Township map shows all roads in the township that are serviced by either the Township or Medina County Engineers (excluding the Villages of Westfield Center and Gloria Glens, who service their own roads).

  • Roads indicated with black lines are serviced by Westfield Township. For questions, please email or call the Westfield Township Road Maintenance Supervisor at 330.350.1375
  • Roads indicated with blue lines are serviced by Medina County. For questions, please contact the Medina County Engineers at 330.723.9561

If you have an emergency or safety concern, such as a down power lines or tree debris in the road, call Medina County Sheriff’s Department at 330.725.6631 (24/7) and they will dispatch the necessary safety crews.

Mailbox Recommendations

While not intended, there are times when a mailbox could be damaged during road service or snow removal. For questions, please email or call the Road Maintenance Supervisor at 330.350.1375.

  • We recommend that mailboxes be, at minimum, 16 inches from the edge of the pavement
  • Westfield Township will not assume the responsibility for mailbox damage from snow during snow removal
  • It’s always a good practice to make secure and repair your mailbox before the Winter snow season
  • Damages caused during road conditioning or reconstruction will be negotiated on an individual basis with the property owner
  • Damage caused by contracted services will be the responsibility of the hired company