township vs. village

Depending on where you live in Westfield Township, you may need to call different places for questions regarding road repair, governance or zoning.

While the Villages of Westfield Center and Gloria Glens both reside in Westfield Township, each has their own governance and zoning commission.

Village of Westfield Center

The Village of Westfield Center sits at the center of the township and is home to Westfield Insurance, one of the largest non-public insurance companies in Ohio and the largest employer in Medina County.

Gloria Glens

In Northern Westfield Township, the Village of Gloria Glens is located on the southwest shore of historic and scenic Chippewa Lake, the largest natural lake in Ohio and part of the Medina County Park District.


The map of Westfield Township shows all roads and villages within the township. For questions, please email or call 330.887.5151.

The map of Gloria Glens shows the area serviced by the Village of Gloria Glens. For questions, please call 330.769.4617.